Purefly ®


Especially for a wide range of outdoor activities designed to play a variety of multi-functional advantages to meet your favorite outdoor activities. Whether you are running, golf, horseback riding, cycling, mountain climbing, yoga, fitness or walking in the city, carrying a Purefly ® dress will keep you from restraint, carry out a variety of activities, and get the most comprehensive and comfortable protection. When you are ready to spend a full day of outdoor activities, put aside the heavy stuffy jacket and bring a Purefly ® dress to keep you comfortable all day long.


  • Functional points
  • Lasting waterproof effect
  • Lasting moisturizing effect
  • Windproof effect
  • Can increase the water treatment
  • Can increase the stretch elasticity
  • Can be multi-layer paste processing
  • Can use the product
  • Running dress
  • Golf dress
  • Climbing dress
  • Yoga dress
  • Fitness clothing
  • Fitness accessories
  • breathable performance

    With the highest level of durable waterproof, windproof, breathable performance, especially for the most serious outdoor activities designed to give you the most comprehensive protection.

  • weaving technology

    The use of revolutionary three-dimensional weaving, so that clothing to produce rapid moisture absorption, rapid guidance, rapid diffusion of volatile functions.

  • post-processing

    All kinds of post-processing, making the fabric has a beautiful and popular elements, outdoor activities is no longer boring.

  • block the cold wind

    Light quality fabric film, you can completely block the cold wind intrusion, to prevent the loss of body heat, and also has a lasting breathable effect. So that even under the strong wind movement, the body can still keep fresh and comfortable.

  • natural texture

    Sophisticated fabric treatment process, to create a natural texture without losing the function of scratch-resistant cloth, foil processing, improve user safety.

  • very lightweight

    Very lightweight and easy to carry the fabric, as feathers light and easy to compress, reducing the weight of about 15%, and an increase of 30% of the compressibility, so you can more easily stored in a small space.

  • Nylon

    Fine and soft and smooth nylon, woven to create a beautiful and durable fabric, and the same as with polyester fiber corrosion-resistant, not afraid of insects, not afraid of the advantages of mold.

  • Bright color, good color fastness, wear, durable, shiny, light