Purefly ®

After years of continuous research on the development of the results, Purefly ® very fast moisture perspiration cool sense of cloth class of revolutionary new products. The use of the human body due to temperature rise will begin to produce the principle of water vapor, start Purefly ® Cool cool fabric in the cool sense factor. Purefly ® Cool fiber through high-tech chemical modification, embedded in the surface covered with cool sense factor, through the absorption of moisture when the physical changes, start the super cool feeling. Experiments show that, Purefly ® Cool cool fabric can effectively reduce the body surface temperature, and the effect of moisture perspiration is higher than the average fabric.

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Vitality is the life of a spring! Efforts to exercise! Efforts to live!

Innovative sportswear, combined with casual wear is our ultimate goal! Adhere to Purefly's own characteristics, creativity and craftsmanship is our deepest convinced.As a global manufacturer, supplier, exporter and purchasing representative of the Taiwan garment industry, our focus is to provide the right goods and best service in a timely manner.The alliance of all walks of life is the biggest uniqueness of the Purefly brand.Every step behind us is the pride of all product quality, and we will do our best to meet our highest standards. 

Our success is from the beginning of the service, the intention of making every one will be satisfied with their own products, comfortable to exercise is our motive force! Purefly ® is committed to each of our products, is committed to A + + quality, but also our ultimate goal and challenge! Because you will have our presence.

Purefly ®

Purefly ® fabric not only has a durable waterproof, breathable function, while increasing the flexibility and flexibility. Whether it's running, ball, rock climbing or athletic, Purefly ® products will not have the hindrance to heavy material when the agile and rapid activities are needed, greatly improving the flexibility of the wearer and maximizing performance. When you are ready to inspire the best performance, put aside the heavy clothes, bring a Purefly ® let you go beyond the peak, to create success.


  • Cool feeling effect
  • Lasting moisture perspiration effect
  • Soft and meticulous
  • Quick-drying characteristics
  • Highly breathable
  • Deodorant bacteriostatic function
  • Easy to clean
  • Strengthen elastic stretch
  • Lasting waterproof effect
  • Windproof effect
  • Can increase the water treatment
  • Can be multi-layer paste processing


  • Cool clothes
  • Training tights
  • Yoga dress
  • Bicycle jersey
  • Running clothes
  • Underwear
  • Ski clothing
  • Creek costumes
  • Field hunting dress
  • Climbing dress
  • Locomotive dress
  • High oxygen warm warm jacket