Cycling with Taipei Rotary 3520 CYCLING TEAM RID 3521.3522.3523!

2017/07/23 Biking with Rotory Cycling club.

Shared the moment together!
July 26-29, 2017
Salt palace Convention Center
Salt Lack City, Utah, U.S.A
By Taiwan Textile Federation.

Thanks # KASCO, #PUREFLY help, let us partition because of good clothes to make the game progress! The meeting ended satisfactorily, by Club of Taipei Prosperity #CPMichael #曾東茂 led the team # PPGA more brilliant record, and will look forward to the next arrival ... ... if the follow-up can be said # # 蔡建昌# 陳怡然 continue to help the event!
Recommend again!

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It's the 105 school year, HBL contest had a successful ending during the lastest game play. Thanks to everyone's efforts, especially thanks to HAPPY TV sponsorship and broadcast, so that everyone can see the efforts shown on FB also on the "Happy tv APP"! Also appreciated the school players like PUREFLY sponsored jersey.


We began the missions of the West coastline around Taiwan.
Nothing easy, as long as make up your mind!
Go fighting! Our hero! PUREFLY is with you!

JAN. 2016.
Congratulations KENNYTH SU on behalf of PUREFLY complete bicycle 400 miles around Taiwan for remote mountain orphans charity.