high-end textile technology research and development

Purefly Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, at the beginning of the textile innovation and R & D for the purpose of service, is still committed to the more high-end textile technology research and development, and into the medical technology, So that everyone can experience Purefly high-end future textile technology.
The same time as the above-
Purefly has a sensitivity to the market, with high efficiency and professional training. The fast ast service and stable quality, will certainly give customers a better product.

The results show that we use the weaving moisture, etc., including the company's products.

Purefly all products pass the SGS national training standards certified, and issued a function tag to prove this effect.
Only in the original system into the medical technology / fabric planning / project planning, but also in the original image of the current application of the future technology. In today's society, in the human group, the proportion of clothing and medical care The company will be the professional concept of incorporation into the future of scientific and technological innovation and technology to achieve resource integration, the implementation of the future new plan.



.PUREFLY Co., Ltd. since 2015.
.PUREFLY Textile innovation, Committed to high end textile research and development, Into the medical technology , Services for Customer Experience to future of textile.
.PUREFLY Uphold the Professional Innovation, Efficient cutting the market. Fast and stable quality of service, expected to give customers the most complete product.
.PUREFLY Fabric fusion weave And dyeing 、 High Functional Advantages 。 Includes intelligent textile yarns, high-end Agent and professional beyond dry.
.PUREFLY Products by SGS National standards certification which has Issue function tag prove.