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490,00 TWD

Quality - High Density Yarn Color - YELLOW Size - 26 cm* 77.5 cm MIT

Delivery: 7-10 business days
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Physical refrigeration, no chemical added! Somatosensory temperature drops rapidly! Effective against UV, skin protection! High-density cold sense of yarn! A rejection on the special technology research and development! Rapid evaporation of the cycle of hot air, rapid cooling! Fresh cool! 2 hours after the cold perspiration lasting longer! Smart adjust the temperature of the functional towel! Lightweight design! Cool zero burden no smell! Can be wiped dry after the use of dry, throw a 3 seconds to cool cold technology! 1. soaked 2. Wring dry 3. under the rejection Wet the product with water after the light screw, forced to shake several times, only a few seconds can make the product cool. If you feel the product temperature change, please shake again several times, you can continue to get cool results. Through the wet. Wring dry. Swing, to get lasting cold effect. 物理製冷, 無化學藥劑添加! 體感溫度迅速下降! 有效對抗紫外線, 防護肌膚! 高密度冷感紗!一甩就良特殊科技研發! 快速蒸發循環熱氣,快速降溫! 勁爽持久!2小時排汗後冷感持續更久! 智慧調節溫度的功能性毛巾! 輕薄設計!清爽零負擔無異味! 可浸濕擰乾後使用,甩一甩3秒速冷科技! 1.浸濕 2.擰乾 3.甩3下 用水打濕產品後輕擰, 用力甩動數次, 只需要幾秒就能使產品變得涼爽. 如果感覺產品變溫時, 請再次甩動數次, 可繼續獲得涼爽效果. 通過打濕.擰乾.甩動,來獲得持久冰涼效果.