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880,00 TWD

Quality - Nylon + Spandex Color - Navy Size - M / L / XL MIT

Delivery: 7-10 business days
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Products with a sense of light sense of new nylon material. Recommended to use cold water washing, and cool and dry. Product elasticity, its elastic recovery rate can be comparable to wool. Product wear resistance of 10 times the cotton, 20 times the wool, rayon (rayon) 50 times. As well as its light and soft and smooth and smooth, with corrosion resistance, not afraid of insects, not afraid of moldy. 產品採用輕盈感新尼龍素材。 建議採用冷水洗滌, 並陰涼放乾。 產品彈性佳﹐其彈性回復率可媲美羊毛。 產品耐磨性為棉花之10倍﹐羊毛之20倍﹐嫘縈(rayon)之50倍。 還有其質輕細勻柔軟且平滑﹐具耐腐性﹐不怕蟲蛀﹐不怕發霉。