D1 Executive Flip / Voice GPS

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• Unique, Flip Open Design • Clips to Hat or Belt • Voice Distance Output • LCD Backlit Display for Easy Outdoor Viewing • Over 30,000 Courses from Across the World Preloaded •獨特的翻轉開放設計 •夾到帽子或腰帶 •聲音距離輸出 •LCD背光顯示屏,便於戶外觀看 •設置來自世界各地的30,000個球場

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.Flip-open design GPS device features distance tracking and automatic course recognition .Voice Caddie introduce D1 Executive GPS .Voice Caddie have released the D1 Executive, a flip-open design GPS device that provides both display and voice yardage guidance. .Housed in an intuitive belt-clip design that comes in both black and white, the D1 provides accurate yardages to the front, middle and back of greens. .A shot measurement feature enables distance tracking for individual shots, while automatic course and hole recognition continuously detects your position as you move around the course. .Distances are provided either by flipping open the device or by voice output at the press of a button, with the rechargeable battery providing eight hours of continuous GPS usage. .The vibrant LCD display features a unique backlight that provides clear and visible readings in all lighting conditions, with the multilingual voice output function available in eight languages. .Trackman: Four common myths and misconceptions .The built-in odometer enables distance travelled, time elapsed and calories burned to be monitored and analysed after each round. .As with all the products in the Voice Caddie GPS range, the D1 comes with 30,000 courses preloaded, and over 40,000 courses available worldwide. ***Specifications • Weight: 1.55 ounces • Battery type: lithium polymer battery • Continuous battery life: 12 hours • Charging time: hours • PC interface: mini USB5 pin • Error range: +/- 3 yards • Course range: pre-set the world's 30,000 golf course • Operating temperature: 14 - 122 ° F • Body color: black • Product Size: 1.87 x high 1.95 x deep 0.63 inches • 重量:1.55盎司 • 電池種類:鋰聚合物電池 • 連續電池使用時間:12小時 • 充電時間:小時 • PC接口:微型USB5針 • 誤差範圍:+/-3碼 • 球場範圍:預先設置全世界30000個球場 • 工作溫度:14 - 122°F • 機身顏色:黑色 • 產品大小:寬1.87吋 x高1.95吋 x深0.63吋 ***規格 .開放設計GPS設備具有距離跟踪和自動課程識別功能 .Voice球童介紹D1執行GPS .Voice Caddy發布了D1 Executive,一款翻蓋式設計的GPS設備,可提供顯示和語音碼數指導。 .採用黑色和白色的直觀皮帶夾設計,D1提供了對蔬菜前,後和後的準確碼數。 .一個拍攝測量功能可以實現單獨拍攝的距離跟踪,而自動進程和孔識別會隨著您的移動而持續檢測您的位置。 .通過翻轉打開設備或通過按下按鈕的語音輸出來提供距離,可充電電池提供八小時的連續GPS使用。 .充滿活力的液晶顯示器具有獨特的背光,可在所有照明條件下提供清晰可見的讀數,多語言語音輸出功能有八種語言。 .追踪者:四個常見的神話和誤解 .內置里程表可以在每一輪之後進行距離行駛,時間流逝和燃燒的卡路里進行監測和分析。 .與Voice Caddy GPS系列中的所有產品一樣,D1配備了30,000個課程,全球共有超過40,000個課程。