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1080,00 TWD

Quality - Nylon + Spandex Color - White Size - F MIT

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• RECOVERY - after exercise is also applied to accelerate the recovery of lactic acid accumulation. • MORPHOFIT - soft suture selection does not rub the skin. • ULTRALIGHT - comfortable and lightweight; • PEžRFORMANCE- Stable muscle group to focus on strength, enhance muscle performance. • UV PROTECT - cooler function yarn used, with UPF30 + anti-UV function. • The fabric adopts the new Nylon functional fiber, which has the function of light and easy deformation, and strong moisture and perspiration function. The special-shaped section fiber, through the expansion of the surface area of the principle, so that sweat more easily evaporated and add Lycra elastic yarn, comfortable expansion Four-sided extension of the characteristics of the user in the movement have a better coating function. High sun protection factor UV CUT 35 +, to achieve high environmental protection products to protect the sun. • Recommended low temperature hand wash, natural dry, do not use bleach, do not high temperature drying. žžžž•RECOVERY--運動後亦適用,加速恢復乳酸堆積○ •MORPHOFIT--柔韌縫線選用不摩擦皮膚○ •ULTRALIGHT--舒適輕量;排汗快乾○ •PEžRFORMANCE--穩定肌肉群讓力道集中,增強肌肉表現度○ •UV PROTECT--涼感機能紗線使用,具UPF30+抗紫外線功能○ •面料採用新型Nylon機能纖維 , 具有輕盈力挺不易變形 , 及強大的吸濕排汗功能 . 異型斷面纖維 , 藉由表面積的擴大原理 , 使汗水更易蒸發 . 並加入Lycra彈性紗 , 舒適擴張的四面延展特性 , 讓使用者在運動中有更好的包覆功能 . 高防曬係數 UV CUT 35+ , 達到防曬保護高機能的產品指標 . •建議低溫手洗,自然陰乾,請勿使用漂白水,勿高溫烘乾○