ALTO艾多曬全效防曬噴霧SPF50+ 150ml

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.The Effective sunscreen In addition to sunburn, the more important is the sun and anti-aging! .The High value of CP value of sunscreen products is the key to long-wave UVA protection (sunscreen, anti-aging)! .The Sunscreen, isolation, sunscreen, anti-aging, four-effect one .The In addition to the six proportions of the full coverage of the full-wavelength UV light, the exception is the Tinosorb S and Uvinul A + key sunscreen ingredients for Longwave UVA protection. Can withstand long wave UVA, sunscreen black, anti-aging. While adding natural leaves drunk grass extract, is a powerful isolation ingredient, is also an important anti-aging skin care products. .The South Africa imported, South African Cancer Association recognized, mild ingredients are not stimulated .The It is recognized by the South African Anti-Cancer Association and is resistant to strong ultraviolet rays in Africa. It is in line with the EU standard high-grade UVA protection. The ingredients are mild and not stimulated. For more than six months, babies and children can be used! .The British and South African Golf Association designated to use sunscreen, waterproof and sweat the most durable, easy to remove, no burden on the skin .The Eisai Sun through the EU standard waterproof test, waterproof and sweat super long effect! After use in the skin surface to form a layer of no sense of the protective film, do not plug the pores. At the same time both the effect of isolation of water and sebum, so that sunscreen more durable. Just use the general makeup products or cleaning supplies, you can easily wash effortlessly. .有效防曬 除了防曬傷之外,更重要的是防曬黑與抗老化! .高CP值防曬產品真正的關鍵是對長波UVA的防護力 (防曬黑、抗老化)! .防曬、隔離、防曬黑、抗老化,四效合一 .艾多曬除了含有六種完美覆蓋全波長UV光的黃金比例外,與眾不同之處是針對長波UVA防護所使用的 Tinosorb S 與 Uvinul A+ 關鍵防曬成分。能抵禦長波UVA,防曬黑、抗老化。同時添加天然葉醉魚草萃取物,是強大的隔離成分,也是重要的抗衰老護膚聖品。 .南非原裝進口,南非癌症協會認可,成份溫和不刺激 .艾多曬由南非防癌協會認可,能抵抗非洲強烈紫外線,符合歐盟規範高等級UVA防護,成份溫和不刺激,六個月以上的嬰兒、小孩、孕婦皆可使用! .英國與南非高爾夫球協會指定使用防曬,防水耐汗最持久,輕鬆卸除,肌膚無負擔 .艾多曬通過歐盟規範防水測試,防水耐汗超長效!使用後能在肌膚表面形成一層無感的保護膜,不堵塞毛細孔。同時兼具隔離水與皮脂的效果,讓防曬力更持久。只需使用一般卸妝產品或清潔用品,就能輕鬆洗淨不費力。