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7999,00 TWD

.The The latest flagpole lock vibration tips .The 200 meters within the accuracy of ± 0.5 meters .The Package content: a rangefinder, a protective bag, a battery section, a cloth cloth, lanyard one, in English manual .最新型旗桿鎖定震動提示 .200米內 精度±0.5米 .包裝內容:測距儀一台、保護袋一個、電池一節、擦布一張、掛繩一條、中英文說明書

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.The (Meter, Yard) switching function .The Effective range of 600 meters, the error value of 350 meters ± 1 meter .The The latest technology has uphill and downhill correction recommended value, the actual value switching function .The Instant 20 times the laser focus, the computer after the dual-screen display quickly Product specifications: .The Objective lens 21mm .The Magnification of 6X .The Viewing angle of 7.2 ° .The Exit pupil 16mm .The Resolution + -0.5m .The Minimum distance 4m ~ 5m .The Maximum distance of 600m .The Battery CR2 3V .The Size 106 * 73 * 35mm .The Weight 175g .(米、碼)切換功能 .有效測距600米,誤差值350米±1米 .最新科技具有上坡及下坡矯正建議值,實際值切換功能 .瞬間20次鐳射定焦,經電腦計算後雙螢幕快速顯示 商品規格: .物鏡 21mm .放大倍率 6X .視場角 7.2° .出瞳 16mm .分辨率 +-0.5m .最小測距 4m~5m .最大測距 600m .電池 CR2 3V .尺寸 106*73*35mm .重量 175g