Ice Power 艾寶關節乳霜 60g

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699,00 TWD

Ice Power full range of products imported from Finland, the European Union CE certification, excluding steroids, non-salicylate suitable for sports groups. Ice Power全系列產品為芬蘭原裝進口,有歐盟CE 認證,不含類固醇,不含水楊酸甲酯適合運動族群使用。

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.AiBao joint cream containing glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM three essential elements of joint health care. .Suitable for silver hair family. Sports groups are used on weekdays. .2-3 times a day will be Ai Bao joint cream applied to the required massage. .Continuous use of a month to achieve the best results. .Aibo joint cream is not suitable for baby children or pregnant women use. .Adolescents under 18 years of age and diabetes should consult a physician before use. .Allergies to crustaceans may cause allergies. .艾寶關節乳霜含葡萄糖胺,軟骨素,MSM三大關節保健必備元素。 .適合銀髮族。運動族群平日保養使用。 .每日2-3次將艾寶關節乳霜塗抹在所需要處後按摩。 .持續使用一個月後可達到最佳效果。 .艾寶關節乳霜不適合嬰兒小孩或孕婦使用。 .18歲以下的青少年與糖尿病患者使用前應先諮詢醫師。 .對甲殼類過敏者或許會產生過敏現象。