Ice Power 艾寶MSM極酷凝膠 100ml

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Ice Power full range of products for the original import of Finland, the European Union CE certification, excluding steroids, without methyl salicylate, suitable for sports groups. Ice Power全系列產品為芬蘭原裝進口,有歐盟CE 認證,不含類固醇,不含水楊酸甲酯,適合運動族群使用。

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.Ice Power MSM Extremely cool gel is suitable for use in sports or after exercise, is designed for sports and health design of the iced gel. .Ai Bao MSM very cool gel can quickly bring cool cool feeling, while containing the human body needs nutrition - MSM. MSM is an organic sulfide that is one of the most common supplements of the joints and muscles in the United States. .Usage: When the movement is needed or after the exercise has been rinsed, every three to six hours, the Aibo MSM very cool gel wipe in the required parts, local push until the absorption. .Ice Power MSM極酷凝膠適合在運動中密集使用的部位或運動後使用,是專為運動與保健設計的冰鎮凝膠。 .艾寶MSM極酷凝膠能迅速帶來透涼感,同時含人體所需之營養品- MSM。MSM是一種有機硫化物,是美國相當普遍的關節與肌肉的補充品之一。 .用法: 運動中需要的時候或運動完沖洗過後,每三到六小時,將艾寶MSM極酷凝膠擦拭在所需之部位,局部推勻直到吸收。