Ice Power 艾寶極酷滾珠凝膠

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.Rolling Ball bottle design does not let the gels touch user hand, suitable for shoulder and neck parts, sports groups and work sedans often used. .滾珠設計不沾手,適合肩頸部位,運動族群及上班久坐者經常使用。

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.Ice Power Ball gels that are suitable for use in sports during intensive use or after exercise, and are designed for sports and health. .IcePower products are imported from Finland, the European Union CE certification, excluding steroids, without methyl salicylate, suitable for adults, children, pregnant women can be safe to use. .Usage: the time required for exercise, or after exercise every rinse every three to six hours, the Aibo very cool ball gel wipe in the required parts, do not have to push the skin can be directly absorbed. .Regulations: AiBao products for general health care products may not claim efficacy. .Ice Power滾珠凝膠,適合在運動中在密集使用的部位或運動後使用,是專為運動與健康設計的冰鎮凝膠。 .IcePower全系列產品為芬蘭原裝進口,有歐盟CE 認證,不含類固醇,不含水楊酸甲酯,適合 大人,小朋友,孕婦皆可安心經常使用。 .用法: 運動中需要的時候,或運動完沖洗過後每三到六小時,將艾寶極酷滾珠凝膠擦拭在需要的部位,不須推勻肌膚可直接吸收。 .法規規定:艾寶全系列產品 為一般保健商品不得宣稱療效。